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Paloma Lemonade - Pink Grapefruit
  • Rp. 24,000

Paloma Lemonade Pink Grapefruit – a sweet all-round talent par excellence ­– invites you to explore the Mexican world

Paloma owes its name to the Mexican Paloma Margarita which is made from the Paloma Pink Grapefruit components and Tequila. Paloma Margarita is the most frequently drunk Margarita in Mexico and in the USA

Only two components are now needed to make the otherwise complexly mixed 4-component Paloma Margarita: Sierra Tequila and Paloma Pink Grapefruit lemonade.

Enjoy Paloma lemonade well-chilled straight from the can or poured onto ice. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the Mexican Margarita culture and add Paloma Lemonade to a glass with plenty of ice and 40ml of Sierra Tequila. Professionals also add a small slice of lime as the finishing touch to their Paloma Margarita